Tips For New Drivers in UAE

With around 200 different nationalities living together, UAE is so diverse with different cultures coexisting and for many people, it is the home away from home. UAE has world class roads, a high number of superfast cars, SUVs and according to a stats provided by RTA, Dubai ’s vehicle density is the highest in the region and one of the highest in the world. So when different cultures meet on road, it can become a bit tough for newly graduated driving licence holders, as you know getting a driving licence in the UAE is no less than graduating. There are so many guidelines and articles available online on safe driving, but this article is all about some simple tips on how can be a safe driver on UAE roads. Apart from following the traffic rules, which is the basic of any road safety, here we look into some simple but effective tips to drive safe.

  1. Aggressive or Defensive driving? Better to be defensive

People often confuse defensive driving with Aggressive driving, when they are actually near opposites. Aggressive drivers are drivers who are easily angered and drive unsafely, endangering the lives of other drivers. Defensive drivers are drivers that are alert and aware of what is happening around them and pay close attention to the roads as well as taking measures to protect themselves and other people on the road from an aggressive driver to prevent car accidents. Be smart on roads, eliminate any distractions, keep the speed limits and the main thing- Keep a safe distance from the car ahead of you. Understand that you are responsible for your safety as well as the others who are with you. Everyone on the road has someone waiting for them, be considerate and drive safe.

2. Do a bit of Neck Exercise while changing lanes

Changing Lanes is critical while driving in the UAE, as most of the highways are six or more lanes. Recently, the Abu Dhabi Police have posted several reminders about traffic rules, traffic safety and traffic law amendments on their social media platforms, one of them being a reminder to use signals while changing lanes. Before changing the lane, make sure you look over your shoulders for any blind spots before changing, then use the indicators for a safe lane change. Failing to do so can fetch you a fine of Dh400.

3. Important Phone calls? Use a hands-free system

A fine of Dh800 and four black points can be issued for texting or using their mobile phone while driving. If in case you need to attend the call, use a hands-free.

4. Safety check

In UAE, summers are really hot and temperatures can reach up to 50 degrees. Hence it is very important to have your car health checked regularly. Do the service on time, change oils, make sure the Tyre pressure is optimum and it is not expired. The use of an Expired tyre can also land drivers a fine of Dh500 and four black points, as well as seven-day vehicle impoundment. In case of a breakdown, the department of transport in Abu Dhabi offers free roadside assistance. Just simply make a call to 800 88888 and be sure you are safe till the help comes.

5. Long drive? Take small breaks in between

With many long weekends on the coming months, it is great to go for long drives and take staycations with family. But make sure you take small breaks in between your drive, there are a lot of petrol stations on the highways, sit relax have a coffee and then continue your drive. Also, keep an eye on the various police social media platforms before the trip for any weather or other warnings. Abu Dhabi Police, for example, announces to the public about any traffic amendments or weather warnings through their social media platforms, so as the awareness programmes and safety initiatives.

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